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L.A. Mayor Karen "Kapo" Bass Needs To Learn Jewish History

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has decided that she is going to use FBI face identification software to track, arrest, and prosecute the Jewish students who defended themselves at UCLA against the illegal pro-Hamas domestic terrorists. She has even gone so far in the last few days as to compare these Jewish students to “the insurrectionists of January 6”.

Mayor Bass needs to study history, and especially the upcoming Jewish holiday of Yom HaZikaron, whose full name translates to “Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and the Victims of Actions of Terrorism”. If she understood history, she might not be racing to attack and arrest the Jewish students who defended themselves against the violence of the UCLA Hamas encampment.  If she had any concept of integrity, she would not be comparing those Jewish students to the “January 6 insurrection”. If she knew the horrors that ultimately happened to the kapos of Nazi Germany, she might not be so inspired to be on the wrong side of history and defend the illegal encampments on college campuses and the professional agitators who control them.

Much of the direct evil perpetrated during the Holocaust was performed by “kapos”:   prisoners or sycophants who actively did the work of the Nazi regime in order to further their own quests for power.  Ultimately, either during uprisings or after the war; most of these lackeys were themselves castigated by their communities, imprisoned for their crimes, and/or in many cases, killed either as a result of post-war court cases or by the ones they previously had been controlling.  

While originally used in WWII to define prisoners who betrayed their own, the modern connotation of “kapo” has come to mean any person who surrenders their dignity and integrity in pursuit for more personal power from an authoritarian government. It is an understanding that this type of person ultimately is hoisted with their own petard.  As they violated the principles of righteousness in favor of gaining personal power, they ultimately lost both that power and their souls.

Mayor Bass needs to remember that history as she vilifies the Jewish students for standing up against the illegal professional activists at UCLA who prohibited Jewish students from getting to classrooms and libraries or even on to the UCLA campus; physically injured and intimidated Jewish students; and illegally set up tent encampments on campus that included illegal fencing, barricades, and weaponry. In supporting those Jew-haters, Bass has lost the majority of even the most liberal Jewish voters in Los Angeles, as well as their financial contributions. And as we have seen throughout the last few years around the country, those pro-Hamas leftists (most of whom don’t even know the actual history of the region) will undoubtedly turn on Bass in the future if/when she doesn’t succumb to their ever-increasing demands. Evil is insatiable, and these activists will betray her in the same way we see them betray other former allies when they are not permitted to go unchecked.

Mayor Bass also needs to have a better understanding of the Jewish world in general and of Israel specifically. As Mark Levin so eloquently said in a recent Hannity interview, Jews are a people who survived the Babylonians, the Romans, the Persians, and the Third Reich.  We are a people with a very long memory, especially of those who declare themselves our enemy. We have an entire holiday (Tisha b’Av) in which we remember 2,700 years of enemies by name that tried to destroy us. Mayor Bass… we remember.

Bass should also be aware of two Jewish springtime holidays. Yom HaShoah, observed last Sunday night, is often misunderstood as only a remembrance of the Holocaust, but is actually a holiday about the strength of the Jewish people and our ability to triumph over despots. Despite the Mayor’s vague and hollow words at the Holocaust Museum last week, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the enemies of Israel, and of America, with her unfailing support of BLM, these college encampments, and now wanting to arrest the Jewish students for defending themselves as she continues to ignore the illegal and violent pro-Hamas encampment and real agitators.

The other holiday that Ms. Bass needs to learn about begins this Sunday night: Yom HaZikaron, in which we remember, honor, and commit to emulate the heroic actions of those who have fallen defending Israel and fighting anti-Semitic terrorism. The actions of those pro-Israel counter-protestors at UCLA against the violence of the pro-Hamas encampment activists are considered by the majority of Jews as admirable, not cause for arrest. Most Jews, including in Los Angeles, saw the actions of those young people as courageous and necessary in the face of the many days that Jewish students had been physically and psychologically persecuted on campus.  

Historically, the Jewish people have just wanted to be left alone to live in peace and practice their religion without persecution. The modern State of Israel has never initiated a war; and unlike both Christianity and Islam, there has never been a time in their 3,700-year history when Jews sought to create an empire. The Jewish people have a habit of becoming and staying loyal even when the time for that loyalty is long past (part of the reason so many Jews voted with Democrats in the last election even after seeing how the Democratic Party was treating Israel). But once they have shifted loyalties, that shift too becomes longstanding.

This Sunday’s holiday is a commemoration of the actions of Jews who finally, after being pushed too far, took a stand.  An honoring of men and women who acted like those Jewish students at UCLA, and stood up for what was right and righteous. Mayor Bass should never forget that Jews remember… and will remember how she has acted and continues to act in the face of virulent Jew-hatred by domestic terrorists on college campuses. The loyalty to Karen Bass and the Democratic Party, even by the most liberal Los Angeles Jew, is eroding due to her actions and inaction.  Too many people saw the UCLA security and LAPD under her direction stand down and ignore the many crimes of these encampment activists. Bass is now being seen for who she truly is: a Marxist tool who will unconditionally accept the crimes of domestic terrorists in preference of attacking those who defend their rights as Americans, students, and human beings whose faith is Judaism.

The world in general and Jews specifically will remember the actions of Mayor Bass in this time of crisis. We will remember how Bass had no issue with domestic terrorists, yet wants to arrest those who were forced to defend themselves. Her abandonment of the rule of law will be remembered, as will her support of Jew-hatred.

"Never Again" is not just a phrase; it is a commitment to remember history so that the horrors of the Nazis, Kapos, and Third Reich are never repeated. It is a promise to remember the valiant people who fought for their liberties against a much bigger regime. It is a vow to see, to remember, and to act.

Mayor Karen Bass has been seen; and her actions, both past and future, will be remembered. The last Republican Mayor of Los Angeles who enjoyed Jewish support was Richard Riordan in 1993. But Mayor Bass’ actions regarding UCLA may have just ensured that the city’s Jewish constituency shifts away from her Marxist version of the Democratic party to become loyal to Republicans in the near future.

…And maybe that is exactly what is needed for the city of Los Angeles to once again become a beautiful City of Angels.

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