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WATCH: Canadian Police Officer Manhandles Conservative Reporter

Every month or so, my wife and I consider moving our family out of California because of the “West Coast Messed Coast” (thank you, Victoria Taft, for that perfect phrase) authoritarian regime here. We stay out of an obligation to the Jews who are still here -- and because, really, where would we go?

The place NOT to go is Canada.  We’ve all known that it’s become one of the worst places under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but it has just achieved a level of authoritarianism that rivals the most fascist police states in history.

Rebel News reporter David Menzies was on the street being filmed trying to get answers from Chrystia Freeland, the deputy prime minister and minister of finance of Canada, who supports IslamoNazis and speaks out of every side of her mouth when it comes to any political issue (she may have learned that at her alma mater, Harvard). As Menzies was at her side trying to get her to answer a question, she walked towards a group of men in dark coats, one of whom body-checked Menzies.  What happened next needs to be seen to be believed.

The large man who blocked Menzies then manhandled him and threw him to the wall. He then told Menzies that he was under arrest for “assaulting a police officer.” At first the “officer” didn’t even identify himself as police, and refused to give Menzies his name or badge number. The other police surrounded Menzies as Freeland and her associate in a hijab smirked and walked away.  The police then continued to harass Menzies as he was handcuffed and taken away for “assault,” although the video clearly shows this officer was setting up Menzies to be arrested.

Watching this video is terrifying. There was a time when Canada was a nation devoted to freedom and liberty. But under Trudeau (whom Menzies consistently calls “blackface” because of the images of Canada’s PM at a party in blackface), Canada has been taken over by a truly authoritarian government without values, ethics, or concern for its citizens. We all remember how Trudeau handled truckers who protested with a convoy because they just wanted to work. These truckers had their bank accounts frozen by Trudeau’s government. Only a few months ago, Trudeau and the Canadian Parliament honored a former Nazi, a member of Hitler’s SS, with the highest honor that can given a civilian: the Order of Canada.  Although Trudeau later apologized, it is amazing that this Nazi wasn’t better vetted.

But more amazing is what happened to Menzies on Monday afternoon. Freeland set up Menzies, guiding him into an undercover policeman who body-checked him and then arrested this reporter.  Even knowing they were being videotaped by Menzies’ cameraman, these Gestapo-like officers showed their dangerous hubris and had no compunction about their words or actions. They knew that what they were doing was desired by Freeland, and like good little soldiers they did what they were told.

 Watch the video, and be aware how the same type of silencing is happening here in the United States. Should Siaka Masequoi have been taken away in front of his pregnant wife by the FBI and arrested last month because he was at the U.S. Capitol on January 6? Siaka wasn’t even in the building. Should journalists who question Biden’s competence be silenced, while KJP doesn't even respond to questions that the “authority” is lying?  Should BLM, Antifa, and pro-Hamas “activists” calling for Jewish genocide be allowed to block streets and riot, while any conservative who dares to question the authoritarianism of the Democratic Party is pursued as a criminal?

We need to take what happened to Menzies and learn from it.  This kind of truly fascist behavior is happening all around us, and we need to get every American to wake up and recognize it before it really is too late. 

As for me, I guess I’m not heading to Canada even to visit.  I’ll just enjoy the weather of California and try to keep safe among the crazies running the state.

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