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Biden Administration Continues to Show Its Disdain for Israel and Support of Iran

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” is a quote often misattributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels. But the true authorship (it is actually anonymous) does not affect the reality that the statement is accurate. Sadly, we should probably add this accompanying phrase: “If a big lie is told, you can be guaranteed that the Biden administration will act upon it as if it were true.”

We have seen this play out repeatedly over the last year with the issues of Covid-19, inflation, vaccines, Afghanistan, and countless other examples. But this week the Biden administration, through Secretary of State Antony Blinken, once again demonstrated their upside-down vision of the world in their interactions with Israel.

On the one hand, Iran’s nuclear capability is a threat to the entire world. On the other side sits the issue of the violence by Arabs in the settlements in Israel on land that Tlaib, Omar, and Palestinian activists claim is not Israeli at all. The two issues are entirely unrelated. While Iran having nuclear weapons is an international concern for all the world, especially the United States and Israel, the issue of settlements is an internal legal discussion within Israel and in which the United States has no place.

But for Biden and Blinken, these two issues are equivalent.

This past week, Sec. Blinken met with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, ostensibly to discuss the United States taking a tougher stance against the Iranian nuclear threat. But Blinken insisted on spending equal time talking about the settlements as they did discussing Iran’s nuclear weapons. In Blinken’s mind, the two issues are equally important.

“‘The Americans bring up “settler violence” all the time, “obsessively”,’ a senior diplomatic source in Jerusalem lamented.” Rather than focusing on the very real threat of Iranian nukes, a threat that is recognized by the many world diplomats in Vienna right now who are trying to restructure some safe version of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal, Blinken insisted on talking about “settler violence.” Nor does Blinken seem concerned about the Iranian threat as it is even understood by the International Atomic Energy Agency. He simply wants to ignore the threat of a nuclear Iran and spend his time with Minister Gantz talking about settlements in East Jerusalem.

On no level does this obsession make sense, other than as a demonstration of the Biden administration continuing to believe the lies and anti-Semitic trope of Omar, Tlaib, and company, who constantly preach that Israel is an “apartheid” state, “hypnotizing the world”, and evil. Blinken, who majored in social studies at Harvard, has forgotten whatever historical knowledge he may have ever had in favor of accepting and now acting on the repeated lies of these leftist extremists.

It doesn’t seem to matter to Blinken that the violence in East Jerusalem stems from Palestinian terrorists, who use children as human shields and hide weapons in schools and mosques. Blinken seems oblivious to the historical realities of Israel (going back to ancient Israel’s clearly defined borders in the Bible), its modern formation, or the fact that every war has been started not by Israel, but by her enemies. He seems to have already forgotten about the over 4000 rockets that were recently launched by the terrorists at Israel, which survived the onslaught because of the Iron Dome, a purely defensive protection system that the Democrats recently fought against funding in Congress. Instead, Mr. Blinken accepts the repeated lies of Omar and Tlaib, and acts upon them in the name of all Americans.

It wasn’t only during this most recent dialogue that Blinken showed his disdain for Israel and support of Iran. Only the day before, the U.S. State Department refused Israel’s request for a fast-track delivery of two KC-46 tanker aircraft. These tankers would allow Israel to refuel aircraft for long missions, and are an integral part of Israel’s defense against a nuclear Iran. But Blinken’s State Dept. is clearly not interested in Israel’s safety or the threat of Iran.

Although the Biden administration is clearly not as close to Israel as the Trump administration was, we can only hope that those in Congress and elsewhere who value democracy (Israel is the only democracy in the region) will continue to pressure Biden and Blinken to at least work positively with Israel. We can never expect Biden to create something as monumental as the Abraham Accords (we should all be eternally grateful to President Trump for these accords), which have allowed us to see the miracle of direct flights between Dubai and Tel Aviv. But we can hope, pray, and fight for Biden and Blinken to wake up to the reality of how dangerous Iran is, and how necessary a strong U.S.-Israel alliance is for the preservation of freedom in the world.

The U.S. and Israel are currently in discussions about joint military exercises, and Iran has threatened both nations for this discussion. We can only hope that Blinken and Biden take a lesson from Trump’s success in the Middle East and do not capitulate to Iran’s dangerous deceptions.

A lie, no matter how often it is repeated, is still a lie. May we all see Biden and Blinken recognize the big lies about Israel and Iran, return to the wiser attitude of supporting Israel, stay out of internal Israeli issues, and stop acting so foolishly in their dialogues with both Israel and Iran.

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