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Meet the Jew-hating, Marxist medicine professor trying to stop Jews from becoming doctors

Although I am a Rabbi who is highly active politically, I have an unbreakable rule when on the pulpit: I don’t preach politics. My position on the pulpit is to help people deepen their awareness of their personal relationship with God through our faith, and not to espouse my political views; and any of my “political” writings here, at Human Events, or elsewhere are not even sent to my congregation. It’s not my place; and I don’t believe I should shove my politics at congregants any more than any of us want to hear actors talk about politics at their award shows, or teachers push a gender mutilation agenda to our children.

Like many colleges, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) needs to enforce a similar policy with their faculty, especially faculty who are in fields that have nothing to do with politics. Otherwise, the academic field itself becomes (and has become all too often) poisoned by a political agenda, and the academic discipline is no longer even being taught. The result of this would be a society with “professionals” who don’t know their profession and can only regurgitate a political position.

Case in point: Dr. Rupa Marya, a Professor of Medicine at UCSF who doesn’t teach medicine, but instead teaches Jew hatred, and who has recently and repeatedly claimed that “there are too many Zionists in medicine”.

Marya claims to be a self-defined “physician, activist, artist, and writer who is an Associate Professor of medicine.” In actuality, she is a self-obsessed, hate-filled antisemite. She has made claims that Zionists (a common phrase used by Jew-haters to “politely” attack Jews) are too prevalent in American medicine, are keeping minorities from getting health care, and are preventing doctors from performing their duties as political activists.

Marya has not only advocated for “Zionists” to be less involved in the medical industry; she also advocates for Hamas, even after their depravities of October 7, not to mention the continual evils they perform by using children as human shields, embezzling donated funds to build weapons and tunnels, etc. Her instagram account says that one of her “favorite games is to play Spot the Colonizer.” She continually perpetuates the lies of Israel committing genocide, of “Palestine” being a peaceful nation devoted to building hospitals which has been targeted for destruction by the US and Israel, and that Israel is a colonizer who has enslaved the “Palestinian” people.

The presence of Zionism in US medicine should be examined as a structural impediment to health equity”, she bellows. Her Jew hating comments are not only disgusting, they are dangerous to Western culture.

If an Associate Professor of Medicine is teaching extremist politics instead of medicine, what type of doctors will be produced? If professors in any field inculcate their students in their personal social/political agenda as opposed to instructing the students in the subject, what kind of professionals will be created? We need medical students to learn as much as possible about medicine, research, etc.; and every moment in a class that focuses on anything else simply makes less qualified doctors. Architects and engineers need to know how to build safe buildings, not how to integrate perceived racism into their designs. The moment they learn to become activists first and engineers second is when we start to have unsafe structures. When businesses hire or fire people based on anything other than qualifications in the field, the businesses rapidly fail. I may write for political media outlets, but God forbid that I would ever make our religious sanctuary into a political bully pulpit. My priority is to the congregation first, and my political passions can never interfere with my primary profession, along with its professional standards, ethics, and goals.

Medicine is about healing, not championing terrorists in the Middle East. Engineering is about building, not attacking Israel, the only democracy in that region. Filmmaking is about entertainment, not forcing gender fluidity and sexual confusion. Professionals must do their trained jobs for society’s benefits, and not allow their other passions to affect those professions jobs.

It is vitally important that people like Marya are exposed and stopped. She poses a multi-pronged danger to society. She is damaging our medical students, taking their focus away from growing into competent doctors. She is trying to distract all medical professionals from their needed jobs as healers in order to become political activists. And she is espousing the oldest of Jew hating tropes: the blood libel of blaming sickness of others upon the Jewish people.

Ultimately, Marya is the example of someone who is trying to destroy Western culture in favor of her idealized version of the Islamic theocracy that existed hundreds of years ago. Her words and actions contradict the most basic principles of medicine: to do no harm. Her vitriolic attacks are the words of a Marxist who is committed to destruction of individuals, and an entire nation and religion. UCSF should remove her from any teaching position; and for the benefit of the school, our nation, and the world, she should be encouraged to practice her hybrid of “activist artistic medicine” elsewhere, and prohibited from practicing it here.

Since she seems to feel that more medical aid is needed in Gaza, I will gladly pay for a one way ticket for her to go there and practice her brand of medicine. Of course, given that she is a woman, the Sharia inspired Hamas leadership might not be so inclined to allow her to perform her art, sing her music, write down her thoughts, or practice her medicine. And if she gets too loud, she might even find the distance between her shoulders and her chin be greatly increased.

But Marxists don’t think about results, only about revolutions, so at least she might be happy for a moment: until she crosses the border and sees the true evil of Hamas.

For Marya and those like her, they will always sacrifice their professional responsibilities in favor of their warped ideals. May she and all others who are espousing the poisoning of our culture be blessed to truly abandon their professions entirely in favor of their politics: for their narcissistic pleasure and for the benefit of all professionals who actually do seek excellence over prejudicial hate-filled rhetoric.

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